A new era of Siren has begun

One of the most significant parts of the Siren experience is creating space for our clients to pause and reflect on their vision and purpose, which we then bring to life through words. The process of thinking strategically about a brand is transformative for leaders, their teams, and the people they serve. It sparks contagious momentum that draws in those who want to share in the energy being created.

Seven years after starting our company from scratch, we are now laser-focused on our own driving force and direction. At exactly the right moment in the life cycle of Siren, we’re getting real about what it takes to solidify a foundation that will support the meaningful growth we know is coming.

A new era of Siren has begun. This shift started last summer, as a local best-selling author challenged us to find the ONE thing we want to do better than anyone else (wait for it…). And it gained momentum this winter as we launched our advisory board, a group of brilliant and generous leaders helping us forge our path ahead.

We have immersed ourselves in our culture, capabilities, motivations and financial projections, reflecting on where we want to go and how to get there. This week, after many late nights and with great enthusiasm, we’re letting you in on the plans that are shaping Siren’s future, beginning with six key developments— we are:

Focusing on our core

There are dozens of ways to amplify a brand, but our clients most often come to us needing help in four core areas: communication strategy, media relations, social media and crisis communication. Instead of buying into “more is better,” we’re doubling down on what we do best by getting even better at it. Client campaigns, our bottom line, and everyone’s goals, will thrive as a result.

Leveraging our value

Our clients partner with us to earn more than just publicity. We weave strategy into everything we do, create harmony among their internal teams, and move mountains to support their big, important goals. They come to us seeking visibility, and stay because we align with their mission like it’s our own. There is great power in knowing our worth.

Changing our leadership

From day one Adela and I have been co-founders and equal partners. As Siren enters this new phase of growth, we are announcing a new leadership model that will give our team and clients the support and direction needed for the future. Effective immediately:

I will assume responsibility for Siren’s strategic growth and success as Chief Executive Officer, leading Siren into the future and ensuring the potential of our clients and team are fully realized.

Adela will be the champion of Siren’s brand, and the leader of client strategy, as Chief Marketing Officer. She will promote both Siren and the brands we represent through an ideal mix of enthusiasm, data and creativity.   

Offering new ways to engage

As a nonprofit or business leader, watching other brands earn exposure can be painful. Sometimes all you’re looking for are quick results to set you on the right course. To meet this need we’re now offering 8-10 week experiences in communication strategy, social media, and media exposure that will jumpstart visibility and train your team how to take it from there. If you like the sound of that, learn more and follow our social channels to catch future opportunities.

Becoming more visible

Our brand is beautiful. It’s strong, gracious and brave, and after years of amplifying our clients’ brands, we are making it a priority to share ours with the world. We welcome you to explore our new website and engage with us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. And coming soon, my personal voice will also resonate more clearly as I accept speaking invitations and take my social media public. We are turning up the volume on our Siren song, and we invite you to do the same. Our story matters. So does yours. And they deserve to be heard.

Declaring our ONE big thing

What is all of this leading toward? We know that we don’t want to be the next bi-coastal public relations firm. And we definitely don’t want to grow so big that systems bog us down and innovation becomes a pipe dream. So if giant retainers and corporate living aren’t our dream, what is? Beginning this year, we are leaning full steam into our ultimate vision:

To solve problems PR clients have in different and better ways.

For us, it’s all about connecting people. We connect brands that matter with the people who need them, and we’re not boxing that into traditional public relations methods. We are making big plans that will infuse innovation into PR, and better equip leaders of businesses and nonprofits to find and leverage their voices.

Stay tuned and follow our journey as we challenge the status quo and launch exciting opportunities this fall and beyond.