Becoming Siren 

From Siren PR to Siren


“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

― Michelle Obama, Becoming


The Siren brand is evolving. We are proud to share the changes with you, along with the elements you can expect to remain the same. Our team has been dedicated to becoming the strongest and most powerful Siren; the one that you need right now. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the evolution of our brand and company, and why a refresh was necessary as we prepare to head into our ninth year in business. 


What is staying the same at Siren

  • Our deep integration into client teams. Bringing us on expands your team, plain and simple. We work to strengthen the team you have, and work in concert to accomplish your goals. 
  • Our clients’ priorities ingrained as goals of our own. We get invested, and always have. Repeatedly, this trait of ours has come up as valued both internally and externally, and is something that sets us apart. 
  • Our values. They run deep, and they define our character; impact, communication, courage, authenticity, and connection. 


What has changed at Siren

  • We’re clearer than we’ve ever been. Intentionality has led us to internal growth as well as the strengthening of our business model and services. What does that mean for you? We strengthen companies and nonprofits through clear, powerful communication strategy. 
  • We’ve dropped ‘PR’ because we are so much more than public relations.
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We still do Public Relations

So why drop the ‘PR?’ Public relations remains a part of our service offerings. We focus on strategic communication, and increasingly integrate at a high level into organizations. As a trusted partner strategizing and executing public relations, in addition to integrated marketing, we knew our next chapter needed to reflect that. 


What this means for clients 

If you’re a client, you already know. A core principle of strategic communication is to communicate early and often to the audiences that matter most. In this case, our clients were informed before this blog published through intentional efforts. 

Beyond hearing this news first as a client, you’ve lived this change with us for the past two years. Our model changed, and strategy became our first step with every client and every project, before all else. This approach has helped us accomplish things like: 

  • Strengthening a fractured relationship between a large community college and its community members; 
  • Building trust between a downtown organization and its business owners and residents; 
  • Communicating important information clearly from our clients to their audiences as the pandemic swept across the nation.

If you’re not yet a client, let’s get to know each other- we want to know about your big, audacious goals, about the people who need your organization, and what keeps you up at night. We want to know you, because everyone has a story. 


Our purpose is to strengthen growing brands and innovative nonprofits. 


Our clients are professional service organizations, mid-sized companies, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, and economic and ecosystem developers. They are executive leaders, marketing teams, founders, and strategic planners. Our clients are in metro Detroit, northern Michigan, and beyond. 

Our partnerships contribute to cultures where strong relationships thrive, where reputations are strengthened, and where our clients own their own stories. We do this through strategic communication, media relations, social media strategy and content, and crisis communication. 

Change is the only constant we can really rely on. 

Our changes are for the better, and we are stronger than ever before. We’ve gained clarity on our greatest value: Strategic communication that leads to stronger relationships and brands.