🎧New podcast alert!  Lindsey and Adela sat down with Jeff Sloan, host of WJR’s Business Biography, to discuss the Siren story. They dive into the past, present, and future, including the early days of the company and how the name Siren

By Lindsey (Walenga) Grosso The last decade has transformed us. Communicating on behalf of economic development organizations, nonprofits and visionary leaders across the state, and leading Siren, together with Adela Piper, has brought so many lessons.   If you run a business, want

In the era of social media, it can be overwhelming to know which platforms are worth activating for your personal brand or your business. But of all the social media channels, here’s your reminder to optimize LinkedIn. This platform differentiates

Strategic communication is foundational for the success of any organization. Your organization’s communication affects everyone from client relations to target audiences to everyday operations. Strategic communication establishes a flow of accurate and timely messages between an organization and its audiences. By

When your organization is undergoing a big change, proper communication during that time is essential. If there is a shift in your organization that is going to affect a key community or your constituency, proactive communication is a must. The

One of the most overlooked business strategies for economic development organizations is the power of public relations. Most economic development organizations (EDO) share a common goal of enhancing the prosperity of the community they represent. The efforts made by EDOs