A culture of innovation and trust

At Siren we know that trust is the foundation of a strong team culture, and there is no better way to foster trust than to welcome feedback with open arms. We operate our business on this premise, and each fall we block out a whole week to focus on it entirely. 

In 2018 we launched Siren Innovation Week to hold a protected space for creativity, innovation, and team growth. Every October we slow the roll of client work and come together as a team to brainstorm, create, challenge each other, and deepen our relationships. 

Throughout the year, as we collaborate together and serve our clients, we listen with open hearts and make brave choices to support the growth of each person on our team.

We value

Speak your truth clearly and listen with an open heart

Be honest and genuine in every situation

Do the right thing, even when it’s hard

Become stronger, together

Leave everything better than you found it


Are you a communications pro in search of a team that both challenges and supports you? Do you want a career with purpose that has you looking forward to Monday mornings? Consider joining our team of high performers.


Gain intense exposure to the field of strategic communication. Support content marketing, social media, media relations, and more as a Siren intern.

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