How to Know When to Outsource Communication

Are you a founder who’s been immersed in every aspect of your company for what seems like forever? Have you touched every single part of it, from product development, to market research, to marketing, to customer service, to HR, and more? Are you tired? 

You’re not alone. Yes, the idea of running a business is exciting and you may wish you became your own boss sooner than you did. But, 72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues, compared to just 48% of non-entrepreneurs. Carrying the weight of your entire business can be overwhelming, and there’s something you should remember: you don’t have to do it all. Understanding when to outsource your work will help you build a long-lasting business. 

Read on to find out how to know when it’s time to outsource one of your many jobs to a trusted partner, and how to find one. 

When Communication, PR, Marketing Is Inside Your Business

It’s often out of necessity. At first, you can’t imagine paying someone to do that. But as your business grows and evolves, so must your approach. And the more you grow, the more you realize the importance of communication.

We get it. Outsourcing some things may come more naturally than outsourcing others. For example, it seems like a no-brainer to outsource a technical project such as web or app development. To you, it’s sensible, because at the end you have something tangible – a website or an app.

Some of the most valuable things aren’t tangible. Connecting with your audience, sharing a meaningful story, raising awareness about your brand, are all extremely valuable and essential, especially the more your company grows. 

The Pressure Is Mounting

As a founder, wearing many hats is something that you’re used to. This includes the hats you never even expected to wear: from balancing finances, logistics, being a manager while also feeling like your own employee, and even marketing and communication efforts.

Wearing all the hats is common when you are getting started. As your company begins to see growth it can lead to burnout. And burnout can affect your ability to lead your organization. As a founder wearing many hats, ask these questions of yourself:

    • What opportunities are missed because I am simply too busy? Have I passed on projects because I didn’t have the capacity? 
    • How does this affect the entire team and the culture? Have I shown my team that the only way to be successful is to overwork themselves?
    • How has it affected my work-life balance? Am I able to take time to reset and recharge?

If these pain points are affecting you and your company, it’s time to think about the jobs you do within your company that take more dedication than you can give. Take communication for example. Communication is a need that is ongoing and requires nurture and care to keep channels of communication open. It’s not something that you can fall in and out of when trying to grow your business. 

How To Know When To Outsource Communication, PR, and Marketing For Your Business

Although you may worry about trusting others with your business, it can be a mutually beneficial scenario. When the detriment becomes too painful, it’s time to find a partner to champion communications for you. 

What are the signs that your business has reached this milestone? It usually comes along with: 

    • Your business is growing and you need communication efforts to grow with it. 
    • Your team doesn’t have the capacity or skills in communications that you need.
    • Stakeholders, board members, or mentors are suggesting this avenue.

What Does It Look Like To Outsource Communication, PR, And Marketing For Your Business

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; you can work with a trusted partner for part of your communication needs. There are many different roads you can take:

    • Strategic Communication
    • Public Relations 
    • Social Media
    • Crisis Communication

How To Choose A Partner For Outsourcing Your Communication Needs

How can you get started and find a trusted partner? Ask around; word of mouth is valuable. Look at the brands you admire and find out who they are working with. Check out reviews and testimonials to see if they align with what you want. You can also consider an RFP (request for proposal) outlining the scope you need help with, and having providers come to you with solutions based upon what you’ve outlined. You don’t have to do it all yourself.


It can be a congratulatory and a stressful moment all in one when you realize it’s time to outsource your communication needs. The growth of your company is great news AND it can be hard to let go. Your team is highly skilled in many areas AND their skills are not aligned with communication needs. Your sales are way up there AND it’s time to step up communication. The world is full of ands, and we want to be a part of your ‘and’ story. 

As your strategic partner, Siren can help navigate you through and help your team create a strong strategy. Learn more about our process.