Siren PR Innovation Week: Five Days. 120 Ideas. A Stronger Team.

Why Innovation Week?

The purpose of Innovation Week is to break away from the pack of PR firms who are slow to change. We are a PR firm who boldly embraces the future and asks our clients to do the same.  It’s time to lead by example and make innovation a top priority.


How we did it

For a week in October we slowed the roll of client work to nearly a halt. We built out an entire work week dedicated to innovation and creativity, carefully constructing a plan that would allow for personal connection amongst the team, intense working sessions, and breathing room to process it all. We are so grateful that our clients allowed us this space. They understand how important innovation is – one of the many reasons we love them.

From deep conversations on our office floor, to rapid fire brainstorming sessions, and even a long, brisk hike in the autumn sun, we tapped into creativity in every way possible.

We challenged our current habits:

Why do we have a file cabinet full of receipts?

And dreamt up bold new ideas:

How would we help our clients if money and fear were not factors?

Every procedure, habit and belief was on the table to be questioned and reimagined.


What were the results?

After five full days of Innovation…

Filled 19 jumbo-sized sticky notes and one giant white board with new ideas

Identified 120 ideas that could benefit Siren and our clients

Developed Five creative concepts to implement in the coming year

But there’s something even better…

All week we could feel something big brewing… would it be a million-dollar idea? Yes, we just might have one of those on our hands now. But there’s something more… This amazing team. These incredible people who showed their bravery and strength by challenging their own habits and perceptions. We began Innovation Week with high hopes and open minds, and in the end we found deep respect, trust and inspiration in each other.

We’re sold! Innovation Week is here to stay. We can’t wait for next year.