Leveling Up the Business Experience

Business Experience Introduction

Last year was a big year for Siren and our clients. In 2019 we welcomed 22 new clients and projects and brought in 45% of our annual revenue in Q4. How’d we do it? By getting super clear on our greatest value, leveling up the Siren experience across the board, and communicating that to precisely the right people.

Our core services are communication strategy, media relations, social media and crisis communication. A major focus last year was on making those services stronger. 

We’re communication strategists

The clients who choose us need a clearer brand narrative and an organized plan to strengthen their brand’s impact. We are now onboarding every single new client through a precise and strategic process that moves the needle more than a single media campaign ever could. We’re not publicists. We’re communication strategists. Being clear about that is helping us find the right clients.

Our media relationships are stronger than ever. Relationships have always been important to us, and nurturing ours with the media is top priority. Meaningful media coverage is still an incredibly effective way for our clients to make their impact, and tying that coverage into a strategic plan makes it even stronger.

Social media growth is top of mind. In the rapidly changing landscape of social media, our team has made it their mission to stay ahead. In 2019 we launched social media workshops to share our knowledge with local founders, and we put new growth strategies into play for every social media client.

Maximizing Impact

Last year we truly explored every area of our business, both visible from the outside, and through the optimization of every internal process and standard. We did this so we could maximize our impact for you, our ideal clients. 

We are a communication firm who strengthens growth stage companies and nonprofits through clear, powerful communication strategy

That statement matters because it’s not only the value we bring to clients, but it is what we did for ourselves during 2019, enhancing value to our own company while becoming ever more effective for our clients.


The infographic below shows the highlight reel from our year: growth, engagement, a dedicated effort to evolve and mature, and many new clients welcomed onto our roster.

What It All Means

Building strong reputations for growing companies, and fueling the missions of cause-based organizations are the reasons we exist. We help leaders define their brand’s voice and unleash the power of an organized, integrated communication and marketing strategy.

In 2019, that meant we:

  • Welcomed 22 new clients 
  • Launched a brand new website 
  • Launched an advisory board of directors
  • Introduced new leadership positions
  • Launched a blog and e-newsletter
  • Planned and kicked-off a social media workshop
  • Welcomed 6k+ website visitors to siren-pr.com 
  • Enjoyed 461k+ impressions on social media through Siren profiles
  • Reached 434M+ for clients through media relations 


2019 was so many things. A challenge; triumph; teacher. And, we believe, a ramp to a seriously well-set-up 2020. With the first month already underway, we’re well on our way to another strong year. Come along for the ride! 

Join us in 2020

We’re looking to expand our team and our client roster. Connect with us here.