Lindsey on StartupNation Radio At Detroit Startup Week

Check out our leader, CEO Lindsey Walenga, discussing Siren’s approach to public relations. Why do we push our clients – sometimes to uncomfortable places of growth – in order for them to more authentically connect with their audiences? Hosts Jeff Sloan and R.J. King, along with Lindsey, on StartupNation Radio cover:

  • Storytelling and finding the ways to connect the organizations making a difference in metro Detroit to the people who need them
  • Why Siren is breaking the mold in a field that’s been slow to change
  • Connection over promotion
  • What gets Lindsey the most excited about what we do now & how that compares to why Siren started int he first place
  • And more!

đź”˝ Watch below to hear Lindsey’s interview on StartupNation, or check out the whole thing to also catch interviews by Amanda Lewan of Bamboo Detroit and Pam Lewis of NEI.