Short-term offers for long-term success

Aligning Objectives

PR designed for you.

A long-term PR retainer simply isn’t right for everyone. That’s why we’ve packaged together exclusive, short-term PR offerings to help businesses and nonprofits who are starting PR for the first time, or after a long break. Let’s make an impact quickly, and get to know one another along the way.

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Media Training

Media interviews don’t come along every day- it’s up to you to accomplish two important tasks: Do well in your interview to effectively reach your audience, and make a great impression to build a fruitful relationship with the journalist. Get intensive, one-on-one prep for your story, your company, and you to shine on camera!

For entrepreneurs

Social Media Infusion

When done strategically, social media content can enhance recruitment efforts, improve donor and member loyalty, widen your reach and open lines of communication with the people you value most.

Media Exposure

Does your most important audience know your impact? If not, it’s much harder to build the relationships that are essential to fueling your mission. Turn up the dial with us through earned media results that not only increase your visibility but also support your organizational goals.

Communication Strategy

The single element that aligns all areas of your organization is communication. It touches everything and speaks to everyone. Siren is a strategy partner who incorporates every area of the business into communication planning so your whole ship is pointed in the right direction.

For businesses and nonprofits