Cofounders build strategic communication company Siren

FoundersSiren is built on optimism, determination, and the premise that clear communication makes everything, and everyone, stronger. In 2012 we left steady nonprofit jobs to launch Siren and nearly everyone advised us against it. 


They said not to go into business with your best friend, not to be 50/50 partners, and they called us crazy for leaving behind stable jobs when the economy was still shaky. But we did it anyway because comfort does not foster growth. Fear alone has never stopped us.


We started out as two fiercely motivated communication professionals who wanted to tell stories that mattered in Detroit and across Michigan. And we did. Each year we attracted more clients and grew our reach while growing our team. We defined our greatest value as strategic communication and have helped dozens of organizations craft powerful messages that resonate with their target audiences.


We have weathered the wild ride of life as founders and mothers, on our way to building a company that is changing the way organizations communicate with the people who need them.  Along the way we learned how to become stronger leaders and communicators ourselves.


In our first ten years Siren has grown from an idea to a company creating impact across two locations statewide, and we aren’t stopping any time soon. Now, as Siren increases its influence and market share, we see the proof in our journey that where there is a dream, hard work and open hearts, there is a way.