Everyone has a story, and this is ours


We are two best friends who built a company on faith, determination, and the premise that clear communication makes everything, and everyone, stronger. In 2012 we left steady nonprofit jobs to found Siren because Detroit was transforming its founders, and leaders needed what we do best: communicate clearly and bring people together.


Nearly everyone advised us against it. They said betting on Detroit’s ecosystem was too much of a risk. They called us crazy for leaving behind stability to build a company from the ground up. But we did it anyway, because comfort does not foster growth. Fear alone has never stopped us.


We have weathered the wild ride of life as founders and mothers, on our way to building a company that is changing the way organizations communicate with the people who need them. Transparency and authentic connection have been central to our approach from day one. 


In the first five years Siren grew an average of 51% yearly, while we welcomed four babies into the world. Now, as Siren increases its influence and market share, we are raising our children to see the proof in our journey that where there is a dream, there is a way.