Celebrating and attracting Detroit’s educators

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Celebrating and attracting Detroit’s educators


As a brand-new initiative to celebrate and attract educators in Detroit, Teach 313 needed to build momentum and raise awareness for their mission in order to start making headway that the Detroit education system needed.


We sought to establish a strong, credible voice for Teach 313 across social media platforms in order to draw people in to Teach 313’s purpose. We began by defining Teach 313’s social media persona. We then crafted and launched a storytelling strategy that highlighted a positive and uplifting narrative about teaching in Detroit – sourced directly from the educators themselves. 


  • 169k+ audience reach over social media
  • 100+ likes per post
  • 386 downloads of their app in 3 months
  • A continued partnership – Siren supported Teach 313 again in year two

Teach 313



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