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Communication Strategy for a Growing Startup Business


SwimSmart is a startup that provides connected beach safety products and services for public beachfronts in order to promote safe and healthy recreation on and near the water. When we began our work with SwimSmart, their company was headed into a growth phase as a result of several key partnerships and a growing list of communities interested in installing SwimSmart systems. SwimSmart needed to build a foundation for communicating about their brand to build partnerships, strengthen relationships in communities, and define their unique value.


To incorporate communication as a tool in SwimSmart’s business, we led the company through our strategic communication process which included:

  • An audit of active communication channels including a SWOT analysis for optimizing these channels
  • A discovery session with SwimSmart co-founders, as well as several of their key partners including a partner in manufacturing and developing their products, individuals providing business development support, and their lobbying partners
  • Copywriting strong messaging about the company and their unique value, as well as defined audiences for SwimSmart to target
  • A communication plan using the PESO model, designed to support the startup’s growth through integrated communication strategies spanning a full year 


The strategic communication project provided tools for SwimSmart to take a strategic, proactive approach to earned media and develop a presence on relevant communication channels to reach key audiences and inform on the company’s growth. Key messaging has been utilized to position SwimSmart as a strong advocate for beach safety across Michigan and founder Jacob Soter is strongly tied to the brand and seen as a water safety expert. Additionally, we utilized the plan to lead a media relations campaign to coordinate with the Michigan DNR and the local community to debut newly installed SwimSmart systems. 





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