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Community development in the Upper Peninsula


Remote work is more accepted now than perhaps ever before with workers free from the tethers of corporate offices. Innovate Marquette SmartZone saw the potential for Marquette, Michigan to become a mecca for remote workers and brought Siren on to build a new, branded movement to attract, retain, and support the remote workers and others who will shape Marquette’s evolution.


Strategic communication and multi-stakeholder relationship development forged a successful project. Siren led the development of the communication, media, and marketing strategy, and provided counsel to the internal team. Through our strategy we assisted in educating the the community and other audiences about the purpose behind the initiative. We collaborated with stakeholders to ensure everyone’s voice was represented clearly and powerfully while also making the story attractive to media and the end consumer. Through this strategic communication project we built brand awareness for Make It Marquette and enhanced the reputation and transparency of Innovate Marquette.


  • Launched the brand-new talent attraction initiative across the U.P. and the state
  • Established and grew loyalty around the vision through powerful positioning, messaging, and branding
  • Launched the movement across Innovate Marquette SmartZone through:
    • Owned, shared, and earned channels
    • A multi-phase approach
  • Earned media coverage
    • Potential audience of 100k
      • 60k in online news audience
      • 40k in TV news audience
    • Media share across 12 news outlets.

Innovate Marquette SmartZone - Make it Marquette


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