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Event-Based Media Campaign


SwimSmart offers high-tech beach safety solutions to communities to keep waterfront communities safe. The company was growing quickly as it secured contracts with several communities across the Great Lakes region and was developing partnerships with key stakeholders. The company needed a strategic communication partner that understood its brand and could help it gain visibility across the state from a major partnership with the Michigan DNR.


After assessing our client’s opportunity, we developed a media campaign strategy aligned with stakeholders that was centered around amplifying our client’s success to key audiences. For this campaign, we:   

  • Worked directly with the Michigan DNR and other key partners to plan a ribbon-cutting event and assist with on-site media relations day-of.
  • Led a state-wide media campaign to announce the new product installation, generate buzz around the ribbon-cutting, and invite key stakeholders including community members, elected officials, and more.
  • Managed reactive media relations to address community response and maintain a positive narrative around SwimSmart as an effective beach safety solution. 


Through our media campaign and ribbon-cutting event, we:

  • Generated 42 media mentions in radio, online, and broadcast news in local, statewide, and national media markets.
  • Reached an audience of over 24 million people.
  • Positioned SwimSmart as a leading beach safety solution that supports communities.
  • Increased executive visibility of SwimSmart CEO Jacob Soter by positioning him as a water safety expert. 




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