Strategic planning while ushering in new leadership

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Strategic planning while ushering in new leadership


MTEC SmartZone welcomed a new CEO in 2021 who reached out to Siren for the purpose of defining a clear strategic direction. As an entrepreneurial accelerator in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula, MTEC SmartZone needed to determine which strategic focus areas would deliver the highest impact for their organization, the Hancock/Houghton community, and the entire regional economy.


Siren was brought on to facilitate a strategic planning process that would help ensure the success of MTEC SmartZone’s mission for the next three years. 

Lindsey (Walenga) Grosso and Adela Piper, Siren’s co-founders, led MTEC through Siren’s strategic planning process to establish a mission-based strategic plan. The board of directors and leadership were led through a series of highly interactive strategic planning sessions focused on:

  • MTEC SmartZone’s full potential
  • Barriers in the way 
  • The goals that would help MTEC SmartZone best accomplish its mission 


Siren’s strategic planning process fostered meaningful conversations amongst stakeholders and succeeded in:

  • Engaging MTEC’s board of directors and leadership, ensuring all voices were heard
  • Developing an actionable three-year strategic plan that included:
    • Six “mini missions” to fuel MTEC’s overall mission
    • Compelling copywriting to bring MTEC’s strategic direction to life
    • Strategic priorities and key objectives to reach over three years
    • Implementation timeline to hold the client accountable to success


MTEC SmartZone