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A wealth of storytelling opportunities


LJPR Financial Advisors was a rapidly growing RIA firm and a leader in the metro Detroit financial advising space. Led by Leon LaBrecque, a brilliant and energetic founder and advisor, LJPR’s communication and marketing channels didn’t live up to its incredible potential. With an eye on future growth and succession planning, LJPR needed to elevate its profile.


We began by defining LJPR’s brand narrative around LaBrecque’s greatest passion and LJPR’s unique value proposition: financial literacy. We then developed a strategic communication plan that integrated media pitching, blogging and social media content in order to share valuable financial knowledge with metro Detroit residents.


  • Leon LaBrecque rose above the crowd to become a true thought leader across the state
  • 59.9 million+ reached through media placements from 2016-2018
  • 650,000+ social media impressions across all channels
  • A stronger, more prominent brand that was a major factor in LJPR being selected as a merger partner with Sequoia Financial group

LJPR Financial Advisors


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