Our process

Step One: Establish a clear brand narrative

Messaging that is clear and powerful is essential to successfully growing your reputation and attracting the right audiences. Reporters want to interview CEOs who know their message and have the confidence to convey it clearly. Social media followers are drawn to accounts with a clear purpose. And your team wants a mission they are proud to get behind.  

Before we deploy public relations and marketing campaigns our first step is always to define your brand or campaign narrative. 

Step two: Create a plan to reach your most important audiences

Having a strategy for your communication efforts is critical to building momentum for your brand and successfully reaching your most important audiences. Many business and nonprofit leaders waste time and tread water by creating random social media content or sending out press releases on the fly. We save you from that frustrating cycle by creating an intentional plan that gets you farther, faster.

The PESO Model

Siren follows the PESO model of integrated marketing and communication, with an emphasis on earned, shared, and owned media. Our plans outline top strategies to hit your goals fast while aligning your communication and marketing channels to move in the same clear direction.

Step three: Launch campaigns and grow momentum

It’s time to share your big news. With a clear narrative and a plan in place we deploy integrated communication and marketing campaigns to get the right eyes on your story. Whether you are a growing business expanding to a new location, an economic development organization sparking opportunity, or a nonprofit lifting up a community, we’ll take on your mission as our own and deliver results.

Measuring success

At Siren we believe that decisions should be driven by data. Our impact reports feature progress against predetermined key performance indicators to show ROI in a way that your board or business partners can understand. 

And we also know that communicating clearly has power beyond data. When done well it brings communities and teams closer together, builds trust, and earns you loyalty from the people who matter.

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