Team / Adela Piper

Chief Executive Officer

Adela Piper

As CEO, Adela leads the Siren team and clients with empathy, driving meaningful results and creating lasting impact toward the achievement of strategic communication goals. 

Adela also contributes to the success of Siren clients as chief strategist and crisis communication lead. She brings leadership, relationship building, perseverance, and creativity to her work. Key accomplishments include creating messaging to explain complex ideas and strategy that connect audiences, especially around:

  • The U.P.’s largest community development project
  • Wellbeing at a major state university
  • A first-of-its-kind collective of centrally located partners designed to provide major financial and societal impact
  • Fostering transparency and deepening trust within local governments and their residents
  • A major entrepreneurial festival and conference providing opportunity to 20,000 aspiring and current entrepreneurs
  • A talent attraction initiative to bring prosperity and population to a rural region while preserving its culture and resources

Adela believes that communication changes lives and that we can all be better each day in tiny or grand ways when we are intentional about our communication.

Prior to co-founding Siren in 2012, Adela led the communication and marketing department for a large nonprofit organization in Oakland County, Michigan. 

Adela has a B.A. in Journalism from Oakland University and lives in Marquette with her two and four-legged family.

Email: adela@sirenstrategy.co