Team / Josie Kuhn

Account Executive

Josie Kuhn

As an Account Executive, Josie supports Siren clients in strengthening their strategic communication and brand messaging and achieving measurable progress toward their goals.

With a marketing and grant management background, Josie brings a passion for communication, a keen eye for detail, and a drive for learning to Siren. Her unique experience has equipped her with project management and proposal procurement experience. She believes in delivering value through meticulous listening, organization, and honesty. Josie is a true believer in Siren’s values and mission and feels the most fulfilled when those around her, both clients and colleagues, succeed.

Moving from Pittsburgh to Royal Oak, Josie has enjoyed discovering and falling in love with all the wonderful things about Michigan, especially the abundant disc golf courses, beautiful natural landscapes, and great bakeries. Outside of work, you can find Josie reading, learning a new language, or watching anime with her husband and two kitties.


  • B.S.B.A. in Marketing and Business Information Systems, University of Pittsburgh

Email: josephine@sirenstrategy.co