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Account Executive

Shannon Cuff

Shannon is an Account Executive who uses her strong storytelling skills to create and manage meaningful content for clients across social media, email marketing, media, and web content.

As someone who values teamwork and authenticity, Shannon thrives when diving into innovative projects. During her time at Siren, she developed and launched a training for small business owners and nonprofit leaders to strengthen their social media skills and help bring their social business pages to the next level. From creating the curriculum and workbook, to using her training skills to work with participants in groups and one-on-one, Shannon has been instrumental in equipping new and existing clients alike in setting a strong strategy to launch their brand into the world of social media effectively.

Outside of work, Shannon invests meaningful time into taking care of her family, dog, and friendships. Connection is the most important value to her, because she believes life isn’t meant to be lived alone. 



  • B.A., Integrative Public Relations and Communication, Central Michigan University
  • PRSA Member

Email: shannon@sirenstrategy.co