The Future of Siren

Moving forward 

Siren has been rocked, and yet we stand strong. After the sudden and unexpected loss of our co-founder and CEO, Lindsey (Walenga) Grosso, we took a company-wide bereavement period. As Siren’s other co-founder and former CMO, I will now take the reins as our CEO. 

We paused, and then we resumed. Of course, without Lindsey things will never be the same. Her brilliance and enthusiasm are missed, and yet, they carry on in the company we built, in the procedures we use to guide our work, and in the way we show up to serve our clients and make an impact through the work we do. 

Lindsey believed that clear, powerful communication is transformative. Her leadership brought us all along with that deeply rooted principle, and it lives on. 


Our evolving team 

As co-founder and Lindsey’s business partner, I’ve been with Siren since day 0, when the company was merely an idea shared between friends in 2011. By 2012, Lindsey and I had launched Siren and jointly led the company. In 2019, we grew into new roles, beyond co-founders and into Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. 

Throughout my childhood, I was nurtured as a leader through various awards, programs, and positions. I took leadership along with me into my career, growing from an intern into a director, and then again years later, when launching and growing Siren. 

My style has always been to lead with empathy, an intentional focus on relationships, strategy, and innovation. With a strong team beside me, I will lead Siren into its newest chapter. 

Additional team news includes a promotion for Trysten Loos, who now serves as Account Executive. Trysten’s growth in client and media relations, and continued strength in content creation, are valued by Siren and our clients. 

Evolution continues to be a company value we embody each day. At Siren, we define evolution as ‘moving bravely toward our full potential.’ That is certainly what we are doing. 


What’s next 

First and foremost, we will continue to ‘take care.’ This phrase defined the time after our loss, and is something we will carry with us as we move forward. Taking care of our team, who are each grieving and growing, and taking care of our incredible clients through continued strong partnerships, is how this looks. 

In the next few months, growth will return to the Siren landscape. As an entrepreneurial-led company, this one feels inevitable. Our company has grown year-over-year since its inception, and there is no intention of that overall trajectory to stop. It will slow, because of the recent significant loss, but slow progress is still progress. We are committed to carrying forward Lindsey’s legacy through our continued success. 

Growth in our team is also forthcoming. As we look ahead, we will be adding to the team and increasing our capacity to serve local governments, nonprofits, higher education institutions, and professional service firms

Deepening existing relationships and cultivating new relationships is on our horizon. We will continue to live our company value of relationships: Honoring connection as a meaningful endeavor. 

At Siren, we believe relationships make the world go round. We honor them and find joy, fulfillment, and friendship within them. If we don’t know one another yet, let’s connect. 



On a personal note 

Realizing, after a loss so significant, that the world continues to spin seems bizarre, and is also beautiful. Lindsey taught me so much in our 14 years of friendship and 11 years as business partners. A few of the things I’ll carry forward always: To value beauty and prioritize joy, to lean into the hard stuff, and to always believe in my own power. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey. To the many who reached out and continue to do so, thank you. Your kindness has forever changed me. To those who’ve stuck by me and by Siren; your grace, presence, and trust gives me hope and solace. I promise to pay it back.  

– Adela