The Power of LinkedIn

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In the era of social media, it can be overwhelming to know which platforms are worth activating for your personal brand or your business. But of all the social media channels, here’s your reminder to optimize LinkedIn. This platform differentiates from others and when it’s strategically utilized it can be a powerful business tool. 

Read on to learn more about what sets LinkedIn apart and how to unlock its power for your personal brand or business. 

How is LinkedIn unlike other social media platforms?

From its algorithms to the audience it attracts to the content it curates, LinkedIn is built differently.  To start, it’s the number one social media platform for B2B and is now used by more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies. As the world’s largest professional networking site, it’s one of the only platforms that cultivate content catered explicitly to business and networking. In addition, its algorithms consist of an automatic series of tests that can catapult content and gain exposure faster than other platforms. These differences may seem insignificant if you’re not utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential. But in fact, it’s these differences that offer users and businesses tremendous value. 


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Unlock the power 

Now that you understand the how, the question still remains: Why is utilizing LinkedIn beneficial for both professionals and businesses? Well, much like other social media platforms, LinkedIn helps you connect to your audience. But as discussed above, it does so in a way that further builds credibility and boosts exposure. For example, because of this platform’s nature, executives spend the most time on LinkedIn than on any other social media platform. By exposing your brand, product, or skills on LinkedIn you can increase purchase intent by 33%. You can even secure your next job on LinkedIn: three people are recruited through LinkedIn every minute. Benefits such as these provide users with a unique and powerful experience to get in front of and be seen by high-value audiences.

To ensure you’re activating your audience and utilizing LinkedIn to its fullest potential, we’ve summarized some of the best practices for both professionals and businesses:


    • Getting personal often means going viral. LinkedIn algorithms look for content that gets its members engaged quickly. People on the world’s largest platform for professionals are not expecting – and are often pleasantly surprised by – personal content.
    • Put the time in. Dedicating ten to twenty minutes a day to engaging with your audience and growing your network is one of the easiest ways to optimize this platform.
    • Connect with purpose. This isn’t a popularity contest and people can tell when connections are disingenuous. 
    • Make it a point to contribute to conversations meaningfully.   


    • Build a strong profile and content with keyword phrases that will draw leads and grow your audience.
    • In line with keywords, create a LinkedIn page that aligns with your company’s messaging as best practice for search engine optimization – having an official presence on LinkedIn will help your brand pop up in online searches.
    • Share content that showcases your expertise to build your profile’s credibility.
    • Create a page that acts as a resource. Consider LinkedIn just one more place where media can officially reach you, or where the public can learn more about your brand, and where you can share what’s new and notable within your company.


Beginning to utilize a social media platform can be so overwhelming and intimidating that many of us won’t even bother. Even more so, as these platforms and the trends within them are constantly evolving. Though, as your strategic partner, you shouldn’t allow these feelings to outweigh the power of activating LinkedIn. We’re here to tell you that you don’t want to miss out on all the benefits LinkedIn can offer you or your business. 

As your strategic communication partner, Siren can help your brand utilize social media platforms, like LinkedIn, to its fullest potential. Learn more about our services