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Proactive storytelling and change management


Kirtland had a campus that was rural, difficult to access, and expensive to run. To better serve their students they decided to move their campus to a new location and build new facilities. The transition began rough with confusion and uproar from taxpayers.


Create a communication strategy for Kirtland that included:

  • Identifying audiences to communicate and build trust with
  • Writing clear messaging for each key audience
  • Proactively communicating about changes
  • Strengthening media relationships
  • Activating a positive social media storytelling strategy


We built trust with the student body and the community by strategically and proactively communicating.

Our partnership with Kirtland led to a more positive reputation with the media and community, stronger communication and marketing channels, and a clearer path toward continued upward brand momentum.

  • An earned media reach of 2.3m+ 
    • 63% of the media mentions were positive.
  • 18.2m+ social media impressions.
    • Over 208k engagements on social media.

Kirtland Community College



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